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29 Jun 2011

Cameron Browne - Asshole of the Week Award

ACT on Campus Auckland vice-president Cameron Wayne Browne recently told somebody to “get raped." Apparently he was having a heated debate on Facebook when he made the unacceptable comment.

Being that rape is not acceptable under any circumstances, using such a chauvinistic remark is disgusting! The use of such derogatory language shows a lack of debating skill, not to mention a level of stupidity thicker than a short plank.

It's sad to see somebody so young espouse such a sick ethos. Especially considering that New Zealand has one of the highest rates of rape crime in the world. It's estimated that 1 in 4 females are likely to experience Sexual Violence or Abuse in their lifetimes, many before the age of 16.

Rape crime is a huge problem that is not helped by people like Cameron Browne and his cognitive deficiencies. I would suggest that he receive some counseling and if that doesn't work, let's just deport the asshole to Siberia.

The person who the dispicable insult was leveled at, Tania Lim wants an apology from ACT on Campus Auckland vice-president Cameron Browne over the comment.
"I was shocked, to be honest, because I didn't know who he was. I've been sexually assaulted before and I didn't really appreciate that comment. I felt like I was personally attacked and it brought back bad memories,” she said.
ACT leader Don Brash said:
"If the comment was made then it was grossly inappropriate."
Heather Roy tweeted:
"I don't condone the comment, rape is never acceptable and I'm not responciable for Act on campus member's comments."
So no apology so far from Act. Rape Prevention Education director Dr Kim McGregor said she was upset by what Cameron Browne suggested:
“Inappropriate comments about rape are offensive to most rape survivors. I think that anyone who has experienced the often frightening and painful, degrading act of rape will k now that it is not anything that someone should make a throwaway comment about," she said on RadioLIVE.
Ms McGregor believes Mr Browne could benefit from some voluntary work.
“It would probably be good if he went and spent some time volunteering in a rape crisis centre, so that he could witness the hundreds of people who are attending the rape crisis centre annually,” she said.
UNICRI Percentage of rape victims for 2002.
Peter McCaffrey then tried to justify Cameron Browne’s despicable comment yesterday by posting on the Act Party website:
Last week, Cameron Browne, ACT on Campus Auckland Vice-President, and a few friends were having a debate on their private Facebook walls and discussed, amongst other things, the existence of the Maori seats. At some point during the debate a group of left-wingers, most of whom Cameron didn't know, joined in the debate. They proceeded to call him:

An Idiot, Fucked Up, A Marxist, A Fatuous, self-serving, carpetbagger, Uneducated, A Wanker, A skinhead, A Neo-nazi, A member of the KKK, An Aryan, A Genocide supporter and a white supremist.

Plus many more horrendously offensive slurs, many of which have since been removed by their posters, presumably due to their own embarrassment. All because he suggested that people in New Zealand be treated equally regardless of the colour of their skin.

Cameron, somewhat understandably, was angry at the onslaught and made a stupid comment in reply. A few minutes later Cameron apologised unreservedly, explaining that even though he was angry it still wasn't appropriate.
The sexist Cameron Browne did not apologize in any way shape or form. This is what he wrote soon after his bigoted Facebook comment:
The comment was not something I meant seriously. You guys are seriously overeacting.
Peter McCaffrey then made the matter worse by writing:
He probably should have told her to "get fucked" instead. :D Feel free to send us any offensive comments you see from party-affiliated people, and journalists, we expect to see front page articles about each and every one of them.
Are these idiots for real? Talk about foot in mouth disease. There's a huge difference between getting fucked and getting raped... To think otherwise and that the insults are similar shows that these people are mentally deficient.

Cameron Browne doesn't even seem to comprehend the damage he's done to his reputation and career path... Although his acceptance within the Act Party is obviously assured. How long they manage to survive is yet to be seen.