Paul Henry - Asshole of the Week Award | The Jackal

6 Jun 2011

Paul Henry - Asshole of the Week Award

I’m pigeon holing Paul Henry as the quintessential rich prick! He offensively displays hoity-toity arrogance more suited to the 17th Century and typifies all that is wrong with mainstream media. Paul's statements are crass and should be the exception to the rule, not the norm. Sadly New Zealand’s media and politicians too readily utilize and accept his type of behaviour, foisting it onto a desensitised public. The net result is a country where bigotries like Paul Henry's rule the day.

Obviously lacking the cognitive ability to understand that what his host is saying is wrong, John Key stupidly smiles and nods along like an idiot! He exhibits complicity in racism while sharing in the "joke" at the Governor General’s expense. This was just as unacceptable as the racism itself. Paul Henry still believes his behaviour is OK because a formal complaint was not forthcoming. What a smarmy effeminate cretin!

Dogmatists like Paul Henry actively infiltrate our media outlets to promote their bias and racism. Their brand of fascism is readily accepted by a regime founded on ethnic intolerance. Paul Henry is a dinosaur that should forever be relegated to the trash heap as an embarrassment to New Zealand. Do us all a favour Paul, stay the fuck off our TV’s.

The uncouth little man obviously believes his wealth gives him the right to act like a dick! And a dickhead he assuredly is. Why on earth should such bigots like Paul Henry be given the ability to express their racism to anyone else but their friends? In Paul Henry’s case that is nobody. He truly is a man only his Mother could love.

So Maori's are "problematic" eh! Need I say more? Paul Henry is the Jackal's Asshole of the Week Award recipient, I'm sure he feels at home in such dubious company. Haza!