Help the Planet on World Environment Day | The Jackal

1 Jun 2011

Help the Planet on World Environment Day

Whether you’re planting trees, cleaning up a beach or just recycling those dusty things stored in the garage, World Environment Day is an excellent opportunity to do something positive for the Earth. Activities take place all year round but culminate in extensive positive action for the environment on the 5th of June each year. That's this Sunday folks, so get active and organised.

Many Schools are planning to be proactive with enjoyable events designed to educate the young about environmental issues. Those lessons will continue to help safeguard our environment and save our resources for many years into the future. Helping the young to be environmentally aware is vastly cost effective and worthwhile.

Jennifer Hay from the Ruakaka Primary School says:

“We're planting native trees in the grounds of our school to provide food shelter and homes for our birds and insects, especially bees from our beehive that we are setting up next spring. All the classes will plant one tree each on the day and then there are more to plant later!”
The World Environment Day celebration began in 1972 and has helped to grow worldwide awareness of the environment to hopefully encourage political attention and action. It's an annual event that's aimed at being the biggest and most widely celebrated day for positive environmental action on a global scale.

Such positivity is surely required right now with some recently published and very sobering facts concerning climate change. In 2010 the globe had the largest amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere ever. This was despite many Government’s promising to reduce their countries carbon footprint. Unfortunately oil and coal exploration has continued at an alarming rate with various Governmental incentives that ensure the public's dependency on polluting fuels.

Oil companies have been found to be funding research to refute climate change science. The scientific consensus that climate change is caused by human activity has been largely ignored by many in a veritable storm of misinformation. Environmental activists are being murdered for their beliefs while many leader's (including John Key) remain complacent about the harm caused from mankind's unprecedented and continued destruction of the environment.