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8 Jun 2011

Bomber Declares War on the Jackal

Yesterday, Martyn Bradbury AKA Bomber declared war on the Jackal for debating issues raised in an article written for Tumeke entitled "Why I can't vote Green this election." His blog was inspired by an announcement concerning the political position of the Green Party. The implications of declaring WAR are far ranging as can be seen in the National Government’s "War on Beneficiaries," which proposes the forced sterilization of Woman on the DPB in some kind of Nazi inspired Eugenics Program.

So instead of sitting on his laurels, the Jackal decided to expose what is most likely a bluff by the well-known blogger and presenter Martyn Bradbury when he said:

"Right - let's go to war - your dislike for Auckland is well explored with your venom expressed here - what has really happened is that the greens have once again fucked up their strategy by going after the mythical right wing green voter and you are being called on it. The contempt you show for Auckland sums up the exact mentality from green party blue bloods - why I wasted my vote for almost a decade for a party that takes aucklanders for granted in the manner you are is utterly beyond me now, I take it Sue is also wrong in calling the greens on their right wing strategy is she lady?

Let me go dredge up the mana quotes from Russell for my next post.”
Bomber wrote this after failing to provide any credible information to back up his initial argument, which was based entirely on his presumptions. This included his presumption that I represent the Green's in some way, which I don't. The Jackal responded:

"Expressing my views is not a call to go to war Bomber. Besides, I believe you have already lost this debate. I’ve resided in Auckland for 25 years, which I believe gives me the right to express myself concerning the issues you raise.

There’s a few right wing greenies around. It took me a while to get my head around that one as well. The interesting thing you seem unable to comprehend is that the Green Party members from all over the country vote on that list Bomber… Therefore it's Aucklander’s own self-loathing that has voted less "Jafa's" into the top echelons of the Green’s list. Not that a hierarchy is particularly important to a party based on principles.

Yes! I read Sue's article. Did you read Idiot/Savants post at No Right Turn? 

Your welcome to rehash a debate that was undertaken a month ago re Russel Norman’s comments. I’m particularly interested in blogging about Destiny Church meeting with MP's after reading Tim Selwyn's Tumeke article. Let me just go dig up the dirt… Anybody got a front-end loader?"

Unfortunately Bomber decided not to allow this comment to be posted on Tumeke, presumably because he had no answer for it. Bomber then followed up his uninformed attack on the Greens by posting to his FB page: 

"If the National Party came to the Greens and said "if you give us supply and demand, we'll only privatize half of the assets, but if you don't we'll be forced to cut a deal with Don Brash and privatize all of them". Would the Greens cut the deal and get played?" 

"Has been receiving tofu bombs in the mail after criticizing the Greens lurch to the right."

I think what Bomber disliked the most was when I called him a "Parochial Elitist Wanker!" It looks like he's been hitting the sauce a bit too heavily lately or maybe Cameron Slater's oil has been rubbing off on the aging DJ. Now that's some good tofu.