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1 Jun 2011

Muriel Newman - Asshole of the Week Award

Muriel Newman is a sad example of the privileged being completely disassociated from reality. Her divisive preaching attempts to further subjugate the already impoverished. There’s nothing so contemptuous as those with wealth arguing that those with nothing should have even less. Her vexation towards Maori is particularly sickening, not so much in that it’s blatant racism, but in that she effectively utilizes many common misconceptions to further her racially divisive argument.

This disgusting person is a former Act party MP and is now the founder/director of the New Zealand Centre for Political Research. Amongst her long list of character defects is a belief that parents should be allowed to punish children with physical violence, without fear of prosecution. Newman often quotes the Working Welfare Group’s widely criticized dogma and was particularly upset when National appeared to have largely ignore their recommendations in the recent budget: 

“Strangely, no announcements were made in the budget on the recommendations of the Welfare Working Group that reported in February.  Earlier this year the government was saying that the WWG report and that of the Savings Working Group would be a major focus of the budget.  Why has this not happened – election year politics, sluggish decision-making processes, or resistance to change on the part of the welfare bureaucracy?"

The Jackal believes he can answer that question… It’s because Paula Rebstock is as insane as Muriel Newman. It appears that somebody within National has the common sense to realize this, but I'm not counting my chickens. Just like the WWG, Newman is a veritable expert in beneficiary bashing:

“Is it any wonder that long-term welfare dependency is such a major problem for New Zealand? More than 27 percent of all working aged Maori were found to be on welfare, rising to 40 percent for Maori women in their twenties - who are mostly on the DPB.”

In another racially divisive article she writes:

“The Maori grievance industry has gone too far and is now damaging the fabric of our society,” and "National have taken the country down the dangerous path towards racial division by elevating racial privilege for Maori.”

You may have noticed that Newman has contradicted herself. She states that Maori have been elevated and live a life of privilege while providing numerous negative statistics that show this not to be the case. Newman obviously cannot make the association between a negative social dynamic and colonization.

Documented history shows that many indigenous people within New Zealand suffered extensive abuse and repression at the hands of the invading English, some of which continues to effect society to this very day. Despite much of school education being centered around Captain Cook, I later learned that there were wide spread atrocities perpetrated against Aotearoa’s indigenous people.

This has left a large wound that continues to bleed into New Zealand's negative statistics. Despicably Newman likes to blame the victim in a perpetual cycle of hate that is unhealthy for all involved. However those with a balanced viewpoint know there’s merit in trying to atone for past injustices. New Zealand will not progress as a unified nation without a robust settlement process. Newman deserves only scorn for her racially motivated opposition to this.

Here she is being interviewed about welfare dependency:

Newman believes that "incentives" could reduce sickness and invalid beneficiaries by 70%. Would that be incentives like enough money to ensure doctors visits, proper housing, warmth and sustenance? A lack of these simple things because of financial restrictions already contributes to many Kiwi's ill health, something Newman obviously does not comprehend. 

“The reasons why people don’t move off welfare are complicated. In many cases it is because the incentives in the welfare system make it too hard to leave. Some are financially better off on welfare than they would be in work. Others do not feel “ready” for employment - they may not have the skills or capabilities to hold down a job, or they may be waiting for a higher paying job than those on offer. Some, of course, are busy rorting the system, seeing welfare as an income steam to supplement what they earn in the cash economy.”

She is so completely focused on the fault of the unemployed for their predicament that not once in her extensive articles or interviews does she ever mention the fact that a lack of jobs gives rise to unemployment. It's often the simple answers that are the correct ones. If such biased opinion wasn't bad enough, Newman often gets other deranged people to prop up her dementia:

“If a disability is serious, it will be under a paediatrician. The fact that most of the present children receiving this benefit have not been near a paediatrician merely confirms that they are not that serious.” 

Dr Rooke wrote this in relation to disabled children. He believes that a GP is not capable of determining if somebody is unwell. Clearly Dr Rooke shares a lack of intelligence with Newman. Her stupidity is further exhibited in the following paragraph:

“Forcing our children to learn Maori spiritual values and a doctored version of history. It’s entrenched throughout the State Service driving changes to traditional customs and practices such as the Maori version of the National Anthem now being performed ahead of the English version, the Maori sovereignty flag now being flown alongside the New Zealand flag on Waitangi Day, meetings now starting with prayers and speeches in the Maori language even though no-one understands it.”

Nobody understands the Maori language? Perhaps nobody she associates with understands the Maori language. I find Newman’s paragraph above particularly saddening in that she completely fails to see any positive aspects to Maoritanga. As a Pakeha, I understand and enjoy the fact that the National anthem is sung in both languages. I also love to watch my rugby team perform the Haka... I find it inspirational. Perhaps she’s not aware that the Maori people honourably fought in many wars for this country. Therefore it is right and just that their flag is represented. Whatever language a prayer, I see nothing wrong with people expressing such beliefs.

Newman thinks that the Treaty of Waitangi does not mention a partnership between Maori and the Crown. In my opinion, partnership is exactly what the entire founding document of this country is all about. Just have a look at the coat of arms for a clue. Despite the obvious contradictions within Newman’s belief system, there is one glaringly obvious misconception… Newman believes that funding the Maori language will give rise to Maori sovereignty and self-rule. I wonder what her alternative to teaching our unique and celebrated Maori culture is then?

The Jackal believes in giving credit where credit is due... One good thing that National has done is to sign New Zealand up to the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, something Newman thinks is a travesty and wants reversed. No chance in hell lady!

So for spending more on plastic surgery than the average beneficiary receives in a lifetime, Muriel Newman is this weeks Asshole of the Week Award recipient. Kia kaha people.