15 Ways National is Failing Kiwis | The Jackal

4 Jun 2011

15 Ways National is Failing Kiwis

There's been a fair amount of rhetoric and spin regarding National's negative policies lately with their PR consultants working overtime to try and protect brand Key's declining credibility. Presently National is purposefully avoiding the issues in a process of obfuscation that is ultimately bad for democracy. They've largely managed to avoid any direct criticism or had to answer the really hard questions. So while mainstream media gives National a hospital pass, the Jackal outlines some of the facts concerning recent disinformation. Please click adjacent number for relevant data:

01. Cuts to the  Kiwisaver scheme come into effect prior to the next election breaking National's promise to not change the scheme beforehand.

02. Nick Smith has announced the privatisation of ACC, something National previously said they would not undertake. This is despite a lack of proper evidence in support and a recent study showing there would be absolutely no public benefit.

03. National will undertake a campaign based around beneficiary bashing. They are set to implement destructive reforms that have been proven to be ineffective at resolving the issues surrounding the welfare system.

04. There are hundreds of thousands of new unemployed under National when their 2008 Budget promised to create 170,000 new jobs. National again used the same promise in the 2011 budget without any proper plan to actually create jobs. Youth were the hardest hit by the lack of job opportunities.

05. National has managed to get the country 17 billion dollars in debt in less than a single term as Government.

06. Those made unemployed from the Christchurch earthquake have just lost their emergency support. Apart from the unemployment benefit, there is little governmental support for the people affected by one of New Zealand’s worst disaster’s. National ordered that the entire Christchurch population not be included in the last unemployment statistics. They then claimed that unemployment had fallen slightly.

07. White collar crime within New Zealand has grown to an all time high. Despite National doubling the Serious Fraud Office budget, predictions are that the negative trend will continue to grow.

08. More Woman’s refuges are preparing to close because of a lack of adequate funding while more woman and children are being abused than ever before.

09. Demand for food parcels is at an all time high.

10. The cost of living has increased dramatically under a National Government.

11. National has announced that they will privatise our SOEs without evidence to show any benefit for New Zealand in the long term. The prehistoric plans have received wide spread ridicule and condemnation.

12. More Kiwi’s are leaving for better prospects overseas than ever before under National.

13. Paula Bennet gave her friends Government contracts without a proper tender process.

14. National Ministers have been getting corporate bribes from Westpac and BMW. 

15. National mismanages NZSAS Afghanistan war crimes debacle.