The Worm Turns | The Jackal

5 Nov 2011

The Worm Turns

I must admit that I had no idea what John Key was talking about when he referred to the "worm" the other day.

It appeared to me that he was insulting Phil Goff... and only being human I blogged about my misconception.

The worm in fact refers to a little squiggly line that walks across peoples TV and is meant to register the publics votes about the broadcast.

It's a pile of rubbish of course, and designed merely to get people who are rich enough to own a +$899NZD iPhone 4 the chance to skew public opinion. No wonder idiots like John Key are all excited by the worm.

The worm is yet another dishonest mechanism the biased media is using to try and swing votes, much like their continued dishonest polling. It appears that the well to do are completely inconsistent in their viewpoints as well... with the worm looking like a drunken sailor in the video below. Judge for yourselves: