Nick Smith lies again | The Jackal

16 Nov 2011

Nick Smith lies again

A few weeks ago Nick Smith was questioned by media about the use of Corexit on the Rena oil spill. During the interview, Smith categorically said that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) had authorized the use of Corexit 9500.

The EPA had not authorized the use of Corexit 9500, it simply fit into an existing section of the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act 1996. Maritime New Zealand (MNZ) authorized its use, meaning there's no proper oversight involved.

On 11 November, ran an article called Dispersants 'worse than oil' in which Smith is quoted saying:
"Corexit is no more toxic than dishwashing liquid and had been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency," he said.
It appears that MNZ used Corexit 9500 in close proximity to where people live, in breach of the manufacturers guidelines.

The MNZ has effectively put peoples lives in danger by not following best practice. They are also refusing an Official Information Act request for the release of flight path data.

Here is a list of the ingredients used in Corexit 9500. Clearly it's nothing like dishwashing liquid.

CAS number
Chemical Name
Distillates, petroleum, hydrotreated light
Propylene glycol
Di (2-ethylhexyl) sodium lignosulfate
2-propanol, 1-(2-butoxy-1-methylethoxy)-
Sorbitan monooleate
Polyoxyethylene sorbitan trioleate
Sorbitan monooleate ethoxylated

In fact the only thing many of these substances have in common with dishwashing liquid is that they're chemicals.

Nick Smith should be held to account for misleading the public and allowing MNZ to put people's lives in danger by applying Corexit 9500 in breach of the manufacturers guidelines.