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28 Nov 2011

Netflix fail

New Zealander's wanting to join Netflix would have been disappointed by the message: Sorry, Netflix is not available in your country...

Netflix serves movies to more than 20 million streaming members globally, and is the world's leading Internet subscription service. It costs US$7.99 a month.

Today stuff reported:

Netflix, a popular United States service that lets customers stream movies and television shows over the internet to their TV or computer for a flat US$8.99 monthly fee, has slated the internet in New Zealand and says it has no plans to offer its service here. 
The message was delivered in person by the company's vice- president of product innovation, Brent Ayrey, 39, a Kiwi who grew up in Christchurch and was the headline act at the ITEX computer show in Auckland.
Netflix' disinterest in New Zealand has been taken as an indictment of the country's internet infrastructure and broadband data caps and Ayrey said it was a "pretty substantial deterrent". 
Netflix has however expanded into Latin America and the Carribean and will launch in Britain next year.

There's confirmation that National failed to uphold another one of their election promises... we still have one of the slowest internet speeds and broadband uptake in the world.

Is that what you voted for New Zealand?