Key barks up wrong tree | The Jackal

12 Nov 2011

Key barks up wrong tree

John Key questioned the Human Rights Commission today for apparently releasing a document outlining their possible plans to take a case against Paula Bennett for her bullying beneficiaries back in 2009.

The problem for Key is that 3 News didn’t obtained the document from the Human Rights Commission… showing that he's barking up the wrong tree.

Not a good look during campaigning.

What makes John Key look even more the fool is that the release of the HRC document is an issue for the Privacy Commissioner.

It’s not a breach of human rights because it does not discriminate against Bennett... it simply informs the public that she might be held to account. A prime minister should know this.

In my opinion, the public has a right to information that shows when MP's are acting in breach of the law... so they can make an informed decision when voting.

We apparently live in a democracy after all.