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6 Apr 2013

Trying to silence the media

Yesterday, One News reported:

Prime Minister John Key says he will be reviewing the way he answers questions, as he continues to back his actions over the recruitment of Ian Fletcher to head the GCSB.

Key said today that it was an "ethical process" and he "didn't do anything wrong at all", and described those reporting on the story as "knuckleheads".

Knuckleheads? Surely the PM could've come up with a better obscenity than that? Although often biased, most journalists aren't in my opinion of questionable intelligence. In fact most are highly intelligent, which makes the insult entirely ineffectual!

The question is whether Key's criticism will cause the mainstream media to change tack? Often they let the prime minister off the hook with relatively little critical analysis. This has allowed the public to be hoodwinked into believing He's doing a good job, with polling showing Key continues to be the most preferred Prime Minister by a country mile.

The problem is that Key is threatening journalists who rely on having quick answers to their questions. Without that access, there won't be any "scoop" and their readership and therefore sales would fall. Basically Key is saying that if the MSM continues to be critical of his shonky administration, he will inhibit their ability to report on what the government is up to... How undemocratic is that?

This threat has worked before, with Key saying in May last year that the media had become "more aggressive and hostile" towards him and that further restrictions would be implemented against the press gallery. The MSM subsequently went off the ball, whereby John Key was invariably given a hospital pass for his numerous stuff ups... But perhaps things are different this time?

Today, The Southland Times reported:

Knuckleheads that we are, John Key has put the news media and the Opposition on notice not to come to him seeking quick answers on what he's done in the past.

He wants time to get his story str . . . sorry, to prepare the sort of detailed and researched replies that would satisfy the excruciatingly close examinations that are then applied to them.

Like whether they are truthful.

Mr Key's professions of forgetfulness are themselves becoming damagingly memorable, but this latest move is a bad tactical error.

Attacking the media is clearly not advantageous, and unusually even some right wing propagandists have been critical of Keys stupidity. However on the fact that Key dismissed other more qualified candidates to appoint his mate Ian Fletcher to be the head of the GCSB they're only willing to slap him over the wrist with a wet bus ticket.

On Wednesday, Kiwibog reported:

I think it is unfortunate the Prime Minister phoned Ian Fletcher to suggest he applies. While he would not have got the job if he wasn’t qualified, a phone call from the PM soliciting the application would carry weight with the State Services Commission.

Yes! it's very "unfortunate" that the Prime Minister of New Zealand is corrupt! David Farrar and his fellow propagandists have completely ignored the fact that Key misled the House of Representatives over his involvement in the appointment of Ian Fletcher, which is a sackable offence. However it's better than what they usually do, which is to totally ignore things that make National look bad... Impartiality is obviously a foreign concept for many right wing bloggers.

Let's hope the MSM doesn't appreciate Key trying to again bully them into silence.