Just a coincidence? | The Jackal

22 Apr 2013

Just a coincidence?

Is it just a coincidence that after the Human Rights Commission decides to hold the (not so) Sensible Sentencing Trust to account, they have their funding cut?

Here's a report by Radio NZ from last Wednesday:

A lawyer for the Human Rights Commission has told a court the Sensible Sentencing Trust not only broke name suppression for a convicted paedophile, but breached his privacy by getting his private police record.

Then yesterday, National announces funding cuts for the Human Rights Commission:

Staff at another Government funded agency have an axe hovering over their heads.

Around 15 percent of jobs at the Human Rights Commission are going, thanks to a cash shortfall and a freeze on funding until 2020.

There is no question that the Sensible Sentencing Trust is politically affiliated with the right wing, and if funding decisions are being based on whom the Human Rights Commission decides to prosecute, then that amounts to economic sabotage!

We shouldn't be worrying about New Zealand turning a bit socialist with policy that gives people cheaper power prices, we should be concerned with New Zealand turning towards fascism!

The Human Rights Commission is an effective tool against the rise of fascism, and should therefore have its funding increased. This is especially the case when they're targeting organisations that promote racism, like the Sensible Sentencing Trust.