Maurice Williamson WTF! | The Jackal

12 Apr 2013

Maurice Williamson WTF!

Today, Radio NZ reported:

Customs Minister Maurice Williamson says he is extremely worried about what 3D printers will do to border security.

Hmm! OK I'm listening...

Mr Williamson says the printers are actually manufacturers of products and 3D computer files can be emailed or downloaded from the internet.

Yes! 3D printers manufacture things and files can be sent over the inernet... Nothing to really worry about there.

He says household printers will soon be able to produce drugs and weapons, and the country's borders are extremely vulnerable.

WTF! I will soon be able to manufacture an AK-47 with my household printer? Totes Amazeballs!

"If people could print off ... sheets of Ecstasy tablets at the party they're at at that time that just completely takes away our border protection role in its known sense."

Mr Williamson says the printers will become as common as PCs and he has asked his officials to think hard about how to keep up with this kind of technology.

Being the Minister of Customs you would expect Williamson to have at least a small amount of knowledge about such matters, especially if he's concerned... But unfortunately he seems to have no idea about how 3D printers work or how ecstasy or weapons are manufactured.

Clearly Maurice Williamson is a complete idiot or perhaps even a bit insane! Either way, it's pretty obvious he shouldn't be in government.