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3 Apr 2013

Dishonest John

Last week, Stuff reported:

Green MP Steffan Browning says the links are deeper than Key has admitted, levelling accusations of "nepotism".

Key hit back angrily in Christchurch today, saying the attacks were "totally unfounded criticism and pretty low rent".

He said he made it "absolutely crystal clear" to State Services Commissioner Iain Rennie that he knew Fletcher. The GCSB boss returned from overseas to take up the post at the foreign spy bureau early last year.

"The board and the panel knew. I didn't undertake the recruitment, that was fully done by the State Services Commission, so you really have to say, in a small country like New Zealand ... would the criteria be that no-one could get hired because I might know them?," Key said.

Key accused Browning of lying. "It’s actually not true the things that Stefan Browning's been saying. And he needs to pull his head in."

However today it was reported:

Fletcher, head of the secretive Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB), was not short-listed for the job at the Government's foreign spy agency - but applied after a phone call from Key.

But if that wasn't bad enough...

The short list, drawn up by a recruitment company, was rejected by State Services Commissioner Iain Rennie.

Rennie said in a statement last night he advised the prime minister that in his judgement "none of the potential shortlist was likely to operate at the required level and therefore should not be considered by the panel. The prime minister accepted that advice."

Key then contacted Fletcher, who was subsequently the only candidate interviewed.

There's no doubt that this is cronyism at its worst. Not only did Key lie about being directly involved in Ian Fletcher's recruitment and appointment, he made those false claims in parliament meaning that he's once again misled the house of representatives.

Of course with such a feckless speaker of the house in the form of David Carter, nothing will be done about the disrespect Key has shown the house, or veritably the disrespect he's shown all New Zealanders for that matter.

In the face of such continued abuse of position, it's dumbfounding that Key is still popular... Surely the public doesn't accept being continuously lied to by what should be considered a devious and dishonest prime minister?

There comes a time when such inconsistencies cannot be explained away by a biased media or any "mystical" teflon John coating, and we must instead question the accuracy of the polls... Most people don't like liars, it's as simple as that.