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26 Apr 2013

Tim Groser - Asshole of the Week

Today, Stuff reported:

New Zealand' trade minister Tim Groser's bid to head the World Trade Organisation appears to have failed.

No real surprises there then... This is the same idiot who misled the House of Representatives last year by claiming New Zealand’s net emissions had decreased under a National government... In my opinion he's just another right wing liar!

Groser was a wild card entry for the job but despite being seen as an unlikely victor the Government has thrown tens of thousands of dollars supporting his bid. In recent months he has travelled overseas extensively lobbying for support.

The trade minister hit headlines last week when it emerged that he racked up travel expenses of almost $260,000 in the first three months of the year - nearly $3000 a day - as he lobbied for the WTO top job.

His spending was more than that of Foreign Minister Murray McCully ($130,000) and Prime Minister John Key ($100,000) combined.

Nearly $260,000 spent on trying to secure an overseas job for a National hack... What on earth for? Did Groser perhaps get wind of Nationals slide in the polls that don't look likely to improve and is simply the first rat to try and jump ship? Whatever the reason, it's a complete waste of taxpayer money.

But what makes this all the more reprehensible is that Groser has a history of wasting public money on his own self gratification... In 2010 he ran up a minibar bill of $466 during the Copenhagen Climate Change conference and charged at least $1469 against taxpayer-funded credit cards for alcohol purchases including five bottles of whisky worth $92 each. More recently he was found to have spent $33,494 on airfares for himself and an "aide" to fly from Kuala Lumpur to France and back to New Zealand again.

But despite that alcohol fuelled jet set lifestyle at taxpayer's expense, Key endorsed Groser for a job he assuredly wouldn't get:

Given Tim Groser’s experience in trade, and the blend of both technical and political skills he brings to the table, I believe he is well-placed to advance the complex and challenging issues facing the WTO. The organisation has a vital part to play in the global economy recovery.

What a load of rubbish! Groser obviously didn't have the support required, and so this was and is a total waste of public money. What Key should have been asking himself is how exactly will spending nearly $260,000 on trying to secure Tim Groser a job as Director-General of the WTO benefit New Zealand? The answer is it wouldn't be of any benefit to those footing the bill... The only benefited was for Tim Groser himself.

This excessive waste of money is unacceptable, especially at a time when National continues to justify cuts left right and centre because of tight fiscal constraints, economic uncertainty I might add that was brought about by Nationals tax cuts for the rich... I mean where the fuck do these tories get off?

Tim Groser is an asshole, of that there can be no doubt.