Politicians told to get clean or face losing benefit | The Jackal

2 Jul 2012

Politicians told to get clean or face losing benefit

Today, One News reported:

Beneficiaries who face having their welfare cut by declining or failing a drug test will be given the opportunity to "clean themselves up", Prime Minister John Key says.

Key said the Government is still working through the details of the new regulations which Finance Minister Bill English yesterday told TV ONE's Q&A would apply only to beneficiaries who receive the new Jobseeker benefit.

On today's Breakfast programme, Key said the reforms are most likely to comprise of several sanctions in which users will first have the opportunity to give up drug use.

"They would have the opportunity to clean themselves up. If they need help we will give them that help," he said.

This is just another dog whistle from Mr smile and wave without any substance. Firstly National has been cutting funding to organisations that were in place to help young people with their drug and alcohol problems, secondly it's discriminating against a vulnerable section of the community and thirdly politicians are likely to be bigger drug and alcohol users than people who get peanuts on a benefit.

Why aren't we drug-testing government MPs who are in charge of multi-million dollar portfolios? Some of their decisions clearly point to befuddled minds. We have already had the catastrophe that was Piggy Muldoon, who had a serious drinking problem. Perhaps MPs should be breath tested before, during and after work each day. Another drunk in charge will only lead to disaster.