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14 Jul 2012

Owen Glenn conman

Yesterday, the NZ Herald reported:

Number three is integrity and everything that goes with that - trust, honesty, accountability. Not just in business, but in your personal life as well. Your handshake has to have the same worth as your word. My father taught me that. He said, 'Son, if you shake somebody's hand, it's very important that you look them in the eye and say, "You have my word."' And that has to count. Never mind bits of paper and lawyers and court: if your personal integrity is ever questioned and you don't measure up to it, you're not worthy of doing what you're doing. That was always at the forefront of my mind. When I offered my hand and shook on it, it could be trusted completely.

I just had a case in the sale of OTS, where they started to try to monkey around with the prices. So I wrote to the chairman of the investing company: 'We had a handshake agreement and you said to me that you believed and your grandfather believed that the handshake was the mark of the man. In this transaction, which is now bouncing around the walls, what happened to integrity? I look forward to your answer.' That's all I said to him.

He wrote me back a very nice note. He'd immediately got himself involved back in the deal, because he'd become aloof from it, and he simply said, 'We made a deal, let's stick to it.'

Along with the two page article being a complete bore and nothing more than an old man waffling about rubbish, Owen Glenn is being highly disingenuous by trying to pass himself off as some sort of good guy... Nothing could be further from the truth.

Back in September the conman promised the Nation that he would donate at least $100 million to education if National and Act won the next election. To date he hasn't gifted one red cent, and that makes him a complete bullshit artist through and through.

Along with it being illegal under the Electoral Act to commit the offence of bribery, Owen Glen hasn't stumped up with the cash he promised. Therefore it's a bit rich for the head of the trucking mafia to talk about integrity and honesty when he has absolutely none.

I would rather read "Sir" Bob fucking Jones, if I had to. It's a sad indictment of how backwards New Zealand is when these corrupt old bastards can pass themselves off as some sort of credible celebrity. Without their ill-gotten gains they have no redeeming features at all.