Maggie Barry's brain fart | The Jackal

27 Jul 2012

Maggie Barry's brain fart

Today, the NZ Herald reported:

National MP Maggie Barry's suggestion that a childless Jacinda Ardern can't speak with authority on child laws has been ridiculed on social media.

On Wednesday, in a debate on extending paid parental leave to six months, Ms Barry asked the Labour MP, "How many kids do you have?" and later added: "Don't be so precious, petal."

It's disappointing to see those who are meant to be representing the people acting like a bunch of retards! Some might dismiss Maggie Barry’s comments as being the normal cut and thrust of politics, however they point to an inherent intellectual deficiency, which is not an endearing quality to exhibit in the halls of power.

To make matters worse, Barry has refused to apologize for the nasty comments, showing that she's incapable of contemplation or remorse, qualities that are not inherent in most National MPs. In fact Barry’s comments pale in comparison to some of the things their illustrious leader John Key has said in the recent past.

There should be an expectation of decorum and adult behaviour in parliament, especially from people receiving a considerable sum of public money. No other profession I can think of would tolerate such childishness after all, and until we see some dignity being displayed from those in power, politicians will continue to be held in low regard.