More New Zealanders dissatisfied | The Jackal

23 Jul 2012

More New Zealanders dissatisfied

Today, the NZ Herald reported (not online yet):

New Zealanders level of engagement in their jobs has plumeted over the last three years, according to a new survey.


Principal consultant at Right Management, Karl Scrimshaw, said the growing dissatisfaction was a serious problem for New Zealand organisations because it directly affected performance and the "bottom line".

"If the trend continues and dissatisfaction in the workplace increases further, it will be a handbrake on our economical recovery."

The main reason New Zealand workers are unhappy is because of our low wages. In fact in the hand wages for 16 to 20 year old males have fallen since 2008, giving them little reason to be satisfied with their jobs. In comparison to inflation, wages have declined dramatically since National gained power in 2008, making whatever a worker earns worth less.

While this is a failure for the general public, because it ensures there are working poor, it actually fits nicely with Nationals plan of attack. In fact John Key has openly said he would like to see wages drop even further, showing that he is nothing but a banker. In light of this, I cannot see how any worker in their right mind would vote for such a policy direction.