Nationals ETS failure | The Jackal

3 Jul 2012

Nationals ETS failure

Today, the NZ Herald reported:

The Government has indefinitely postponed key stages of the emissions trading scheme, saying the economic environment means consumers and businesses simply can't afford it.

The announcement comes as Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard's political future hangs in the balance due to the introduction of a carbon tax there this week.

But Prime Minister John Key said his Government's decision had not been influenced by the political fallout in Australia. Rather, it was acting on concerns the economy would suffer if New Zealand did more than other countries to reduce carbon emissions.

"We're not prepared to sacrifice jobs in a weak international environment when other countries are moving very slowly," he said.

National isn't moving slowly, they're going backwards.

Meanwhile in Washington there have been unprecedented and devastating storms that cut power to thousands, in India 79 people have been killed and more than two million people have been displaced by flooding along with extensive flooding in neighbouring Bangladesh.

Not to mention the incredible and frightening Colorado fires, which have been the state's most destructive ever and attributed to record-breaking temperatures.

The problem is that the effects of climate change such as increased severe weather events will cost billions and billions of dollars. Therefore we really have to afford a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. It's not as if the industries that are the biggest polluters aren't posting record profits either, so obviously they can afford to reduce pollution or pay the price.

There's also no evidence that implementing the required changes would impact negatively on the economy and/or put people out of work. National is just making shit up again. But what really makes this a complete farce is that the government is subsidizing polluting industries to the tune of millions of dollars while solar and wind power gets nothing.

Unfortunately such short-sightedness is because the National party is full of climate change deniers, and they don't give a damn about the cost to future generations.