Budget cuts cause failures | The Jackal

13 Jul 2012

Budget cuts cause failures

Today, RadioNZ reported:

The Public Service Association (PSA) says the department own information is that in the 10 days from 25 June to 5 July, staff dealt with 131,000 calls but failed to answer a further 70,000.

The union says this is the result of poor planning and poor management of changes at the department, where hundreds of jobs have been cut as a result of Government budget cuts.

The PSA says it is particularly frustrating for staff who warned management what would happen when jobs were cut, but who cannot now cope with the volume of work and who are having to bear the brunt of the public's anger.

So over a third of all calls to the IRD are not being answered. This is a huge failure as a result of budget clawbacks and staffing cuts, and the blame for that mismanagement is the governments. As Minister of the IRD, Peter Dunne needs to sort this issue out pronto before it further undermines New Zealands economic viability.

Having tens of thousands of people, many of them business owners not being provided an essential service is completely unacceptable!

The typical dumb response from Nationals chief propagandist David Farrar is pathetic! He apparently called the IRD recently and got through to a staffer... Whoop-de-doo! Brainfart Farrar's argument is that his one example makes those 70,000 missed calls OK... What a complete dickhead!

This failure is on the back of similar call-centre issues at Housing NZ, with Stuff reporting:

In April, Housing NZ shut its local office doors to tenants in its 69,000 state houses and members of the public with accommodation emergencies, directing inquiries through a new customer service call centre.

The change lead to 70 fulltime frontline positions being axed. The centre has been inundated with calls, its staff unable to cope and callers facing waits of up to 40 minutes.

Last week The Dominion Post revealed that only 55 per cent of calls were answered during April and 53,000 calls went unanswered.

These infrastructural problems are a direct result of Nationals ideologically driven policy, which is not based on good economical reasoning or any form of proper research.

Why anybody would support the undermining of key services and want to reduce the economic viability of New Zealand by supporting Nationals neo-liberal agenda is beyond me.