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10 Jul 2012

Michael Laws - Asshole of the Week

Yesterday, TV3 reported:

Comments talkback host Michael Laws made on RadioLIVE have been ruled to have breached certain broadcasting standards.

Claiming the media had gone “mad”, Mr Laws said “if I had a gun I’d shoot them – put them out of their misery”. He went on to call the Herald on Sunday newspaper “rapid all the time”, asking why nobody had “taken a shotgun there and cleaned out the entire newsroom”.

Mr Laws also urged listeners to “put down a bit of cyanide somewhere in a newsroom and just hope there isn’t too much collateral birdlife that’s killed”.

The comments made on the November 2011 morning broadcast were found beyond “standards of good taste and decency, in the sense that it had the potential to distress of offend” in a majority decision by the Broadcasting Standards Authority (BSA).

“We do not think that any small group of identifiable local people should be subject to language of the kind that Mr Laws used in the central part of his comment,” said the BSA panel.

So basically Michael Laws was talking like an asshole again... Nothing new there then. I often wonder why anybody gives him the time of day, and have come to the conclusion that the people who allow his various tirades to be broadcast are assholes as well. So this one goes out to Laws and the people who give him the mic... What a bunch of assholes.