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30 Jul 2013

What is the Act party on about?

Yesterday, John Banks reported:

This seems strange being that all the other articles on the Act Party's website are in english. I wonder what it means exactly? Here's what the article translates as:

New Zealand Labour Party would limit foreigners to buy existing homes, in order to solve the problem of high prices in Auckland. This policy is anti-investment, anti-immigrant and anti-Chinese.

Well first off, Labour's policy won't be detrimental for immigrants at all. In fact it will help new immigrants by ensuring there's enough affordable housing for them to purchase. The policy inhibits foreign property speculators, not immigrants.

David Shearer finally desperate.

His xenophobia has always regrettable.

Labour's strategy is to Winston Peters in the campaign intensified attacks Auckland Chinese practice.

Except the policy also applies to the United kingdom and other European countries. How exactly is that xenophobic?

Put the blame for higher prices to foreigners is difficult to convince people of his head.

Much evidence shows that Auckland housing shortage because of the shortage of land, and not caused by the purchase by foreigners.

A shortage of land? There are 13,814 gallery listings for available sections on Trademe alone. Clearly there is no shortage of land to build houses upon.

Does John Banks perhaps have some investment properties that he wants to increase in value by ensuring there's more demand for housing in New Zealand? Because that seems to be the only basis for the right wings argument against Labour's housing policy so far.