Nick Smith vs UNESCO | The Jackal

5 Jul 2013

Nick Smith vs UNESCO

Today, the NZ Herald reported:

Dr Smith said yesterday that the chances of the region being stripped of its special status was "zip".

"Those that claim that a tunnel or any other visitor facilities of that sort would remove World Heritage status, in my view, are mistaken," he said.

But in a letter to DOC, Unesco said that the two developments were "likely to be considered incompatible" with the site's World Heritage status.

It said that the region's Outstanding Universal Value was dependent on human interference being peripheral.

Unesco officials said that the monorail track would run through areas of special grassland and areas which contained endangered kaka and yellowhead - two factors which were influential to the World Heritage award.

So, Nick Smith lied about the impact on the Fiordland wilderness. UNESCO had clearly indicated that the regions World Heritage status would change, which would mean there's a considerable adverse effect on the environment if the developments went ahead.

That adverse impact would mean less tourism, but of course the government hasn't factored this into their costing’s. If they had accounted for this factor, it would mean the project isn't financially worthwhile. It will also mean the overall number of tourists will reduce even further.

People simply don't come to New Zealand to see man-made tunnels or monorails; they come to enjoy the natural beauty of the place. That natural beauty is worth billions of dollars to our economy each year, and therefore should be protected.

It's a pity the current Minister of Conservation hasn't got an environmental bone in his body. It's also a pity he's trying to mislead about the potential impact from these silly developments.

In my opinion, the country would be far better off without the likes of Nick Smith in parliament. How on earth such a dishonest idiot has remained in the halls of power for so long is beyond me?