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29 Jul 2013

Greg Shuttleworth - Asshole of the Week

Today, the NZ Herald reported:

The employer of an Invercargill man whose racist rant against a taxi driver was captured on camera has released a statement condemning its employee's actions.

In the exchange in a cab early on Friday, Greg Shuttleworth, a technician for engineering firm Jesco, describes the driver as an "Islam prick'' and says: "F*** off back to where you come from''.

He tells Pakistan-born driver Tariq Humayun he will pay the $7 fare when, "you tell me that you'll piss off back to the country where you come from ... you shouldn't be in New Zealand in the first place ... we don't require your Muslim bulls*** in this country."

That's despicable behaviour that nobody should have to put up with. The problem here is that such racist sentiment is actually widespread in New Zealand, with immigrants getting a real hard time by a bunch of bigots who usually get away with their abuse.

In fact I would go so far as to say that such racism is endemic and entrenched in our divided society and there appears to be little if any political impetus from the government to bring about the change that is required.

Mr Shuttleworth told the Herald he regrets the incident and wants to meet Mr Humayun to apologise.

Does Shuttleworth truly regret the incident or does he only regret that he got caught on camera being a complete tool?

Yesterday - as condemnation and criticism against him mounted and police said they would investigate - Mr Shuttleworth said it was a "one-off situation" which involved too much alcohol and for which he was now paying the price.

In the video he seems pretty lucid to me and clearly believes what he's saying. Besides, being drunk isn't an excuse to be a racist prick, as Bomber succinctly pointed out in a tweet today:

If being drunk for doing or saying dumb shit was a valid excuse, the police and our prison system would be a whole lot less busy.

However, what makes this all the more contemptible is that Shuttleworth thinks his behaviour is somehow vindicated because apparently all Muslims are bad.

But he was still concerned about Muslims in New Zealand. "They don't stand in a pretty light overseas ... And I am worried about what they've come to New Zealand [for] and what we let past our borders."

First the racist idiot blames his behaviour on being drunk, then he tries to justify what he said by further denigrating Muslims. What a complete asshole!