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2 Jul 2013

Bob Jones fruit loop

Today, the NZ Herald reported:

When I was young, every household in state house Lower Hutt had vegetable gardens and quite a number had chicken-runs. It left its mark, thus even today my household grows most of our vegetables and fruit and has chickens, albeit I have the indulgence of two gardeners. Nevertheless, I'm told that household vegetable gardens are now uncommon.

Most mornings I have crisp stewed pears with muesli, these provided free from nature and preserved from my garden. Pear trees are cheap, hardy and prolific. The crop from one would cover most families for a year. In fact, I have hundreds of fruit trees but cannot find takers for free fruit, so this year I bought a juicer, had the lot put through and frozen and now drink our home-grown fruit juice year round.

More deluded waffling from a senile old fool! Fruit trees on average take 5 years to mature to the point where they produce fruit, or ten to produce enough for a family, which means there's a long delay between spending around $40 per fruit tree and payback.

There's also the fact that most poor people don't own their own homes, which means they would be spending money on beautifying someone else's property...a property they will likely not be residing in when the fruit is ready.

Given all of this, I wonder how much the alleged hardship sufferers are doing to help themselves, particularly the lowest-income category for whose children we must now provide breakfast. It's a certainty we will soon hear of the need to provide them lunch and, like it or not, Al Nisbet's cartoon was spot on. Even on the minimum wage and after rent, electricity etc, no one cannot afford to feed their children and let's not have a barrage of "mocking from on high" abuse. These people live in luxury compared with my childhood, but we never went without food.

Typical tory bullshit from a rich prick who thinks that because he now owns an orchard and can afford to employ two gardeners, he can lecture the poor about their opportunities to grow their own food.

Bob Jones might have come from humble beginnings, but he certainly didn't make all his money legitimately. That means his blathering about poor people being able to afford enough food is entirely feckless! Not everybody has the opportunity to do crime and get away with it like Bob did to make their wealth...not everybody has grown up in a time of full employment either.

In my opinion, the sooner the Herald gets rid of this old racist prick the better.