Charter schools fail | The Jackal

29 Jul 2013

Charter schools fail

On the back of bold policy concerning housing affordability, Labour has announced today:

Labour will repeal the legislation allowing the creation of charter schools immediately upon becoming government, Labour Leader David Shearer said today.

This is more excellent news and shows that Labour and it's potential coalition partners are on the same page. Back in June this year, New Zealand First reported:

New Zealand First says the passing of the Education Amendment Bill creating charter schools is a blow to the state education system with no Government guarantee of success.

Around the same time, Green party co-leader Metiria Turei stated:

Charter schools have no future in our country, Aotearoa New Zealand, and I am pleased that the Labour Party has also made it very clear in the last address that it too believes that charter schools have no future in this country. We want to make it very clear to any of those who are considering establishing one that should there be a change of Government in the near future, your schools will no longer exist as charter schools.

Here's the video:

Clearly there's a lack of evidence to show charter schools provide better educational outcomes and with all opposition parties now strongly opposing the ill-advised policy changes it isn't going to be worthwhile in setting up a charter school.

Institutions that were looking to start their private schools with government funding will simply be wasting their time, because like it or not one day National will no longer be government and the legislation will be repealed.

I must admit that I'm liking the new Labour direction and hope they keep National on the back foot with similar policy announcements right up to the next election.