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30 Jul 2013

John Key vs Anonymous NZ

Today, 3 News reported:

At least a dozen National Party websites have been knocked offline, and web activist group Anonymous says they'll remain that way until the controversial Government Communications Security Bureau Bill is scrapped.

In a video message posted online, Anonymous NZ calls the legislation - which will make it legal for the GCSB to spy on New Zealanders on behalf of other agencies - "despicable".

"John Key, do you think you can just pass a new law without the majority of New Zealanders behind you?" the video asks, showing images from protests against the bill over the weekend which drew thousands of people.

"You should have expected us. We announce our solidarity with the GCSB protesters around the country."

Here's the video:

Although this is but an inconvenience for the government, it will hopefully bring even more attention to the planned changes to spying legislation that will mean the implementation of a massive surveillance state which will undoubtedly undermine our right to privacy.

Unfortunately the 3 news report by Laura McQuillan then makes a completely false claim in an attempt to discredit Anonymous NZ:

The video wrongly states the bill will enable the GCSB to spy without a warrant.

However, the agency requesting its help will need to have a warrant signed by Prime Minister John Key and the Commissioner of Security Warrants Sir Bruce Robertson.

This is completely untrue:

Warrantless interception in situations not involving the physical connection of an interception device to a network; and not involving the installation of an interception device in any place in order to intercept communications in that place.

This part of the legislation appears to be specifically worded to allow the GCSB to intrude upon people's privacy without the need for a warrant.