Swallowing dead rats | The Jackal

8 Jun 2013

Swallowing dead rats

With the demise of United Future and the Act party, most of National's coalition partners will likely not be around after the next election to help form a right wing government. That leaves the Natz in a precarious position and somewhat desperate for friends.

One potential friend could be found in the form of Winston Peters, who managed (thanks to the teapot tape scandal) to get seven other MPs into the House of Representatives at the last election.

Prior to that election, John Key had categorically ruled Winny out, saying:

I want to lead an aspirational Government, I don't believe a Winston Peters Government does that.

Got that... Winston isn't aspirational enough. The Prime Minister also said:

If Peters holds the balance of power then it will be a Phil Goff led Government.

I would be interested to know what exactly has changed to now make NZ First an option? After all, Key has spent the last few years burning down any bridges between the two parties.

Here's another statement by Key that criticizes NZ First:

It's not a matter of political convenience, it's a matter of political principle - we just do not find NZ First acceptable.

Those insults are probably why Winston more recently rejected Keys offer to meet.

As far as I can tell, the only thing to have changed is that National now has no friends and will likely require NZ First's help if they want to retain power, provided NZ First can pass the 5% threshold that is.

In my opinion, this is an entirely unprincipled decision, but one that's obviously not beneath Key.

In order to stitch up a deal with NZ First, Key would need to swallow a whole bucket load of dead rats, which is something not many voters will have the stomach for.