Loose lips sink ships | The Jackal

13 Jun 2013

Loose lips sink ships

In the budget debates (PDF) last Month, Bill English announced:

The Government will invest $158 million over four years to attract more visitors to New Zealand, particularly high-spending visitors. This includes funding to attract high-end visitors from emerging markets and funding to attract international business events to New Zealand.

Today, the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment released a document relating to statistics on tourism (PDF) for New Zealand. It shows there's been zero growth in international visitors over the last year and that domestic tourism is in decline. There's also been a 2% decline of how much each visitor is spending.

Being that there's a 13% decline of international visitors from the UK, it's my guess that John Keys' statement re David Beckham has caused some serious harm to our tourism industry.

Exactly how much the Prime Ministers stupidity has cost us may never be known... But it’s likely that calling a well-liked football legend "thick" has a multi-million dollar price tag attached to it.

Unfortunately most Kiwis weren't aware of just how huge the backlash against Key was, especially in Britain. But one thing is clear... Throwing more taxpayer dollars at a problem Key has caused is obviously not the answer.