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5 Jun 2013

Lusk lies and leaks

Unless you've been on holiday like me, you should be aware that the far rights agenda to further corporatize our political system has come crashing down in spectacular fashion.

This hasn't been a result of any malicious intent by the left, but is instead a result of the far right shooting themselves in the foot. It's also a result of the leaking of specific documents that clearly highlights problems within the National party.

The first leaked document (PDF) outlines the aims and objectives of a so-called fiscally conservative group consisting of Simon Lusk, Cameron Slater and David Farrar. It makes some ludicrous claims such as there being credible right wing blogs and that these blogs "control the blogosphere." Meanwhile in New Zealand left wing blogs outnumber right wing blogs ten to one.

It also confirms that the Ports of Auckland worked with certain bloggers to malign striking workers, documents an intent to blackball MP's the group doesn't like, talks about taking over the public service sector and how to buy their way into power with increased donor control and contributions from overseas.

The second document (PDF) is a timetable for a two-day seminar at Kauri Glen Lodge in which Lusk along with blogger's Cameron Slater and David Farrar presented their "visions" for a not so brighter future. Perhaps the funniest thing about that agenda is the 45-minute speech Slater gave about Being a Small Target... Yeah Right!

The third leaked document (PDF) is by far the most interesting... It's the confidential minutes from a National party Board meeting held in March 2012, with an Update on Simon Lusk stating:

Michael [Woodhouse] reported a disturbing discussion he has had with Simon Lusk that highlighted his motivations and a very negative agenda for the party.
It was agreed that light needs to be shed on these issues with Key influences within the party.
It was further agreed that his agenda represents a serious risk to the Party and this issue will be followed up with a further meeting between the President and the Whip.

In response to these revelations, the best Slater and Farrar can come up with is to manufacture a controversy about a left wing activist, Martyn Bradbury. They claim he also has a conflict of interest because he works for the Mana party, something he's already openly declared. The difference is that Bomber isn't working against people within the Mana party, whereas Lusk et al clearly are working against the long-term interests of the National party... That's why they've been labelled a threat.

On Saturday, The Nation also covered the story:

Lusk is claiming to have lost his voice and has made no public comment about his anti-democratic campaigning. Instead, his business partner Cameron Slater states on his behalf that he will be "ecstatic" with the extensive media coverage, as if losing all credibility is a good thing.

The issue here isn't about people receiving remuneration for their work, it's about the agenda certain factions have and the direction they want to take New Zealand politics in. Clearly the direction the far right faction of Lusk, Slater and Farrar want to take New Zealand in will be bad for our political system, and consequently detrimental to our Kiwi way of life.

With some of those speaking at and attending the anti-democratic seminar working for Judith Collins and those very same people being viewed as a threat by many within the National party, it's pretty clear that there's a huge rift within the current government's ranks. It's not long now till they completely unravel at the seams.