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9 Jun 2013

Irrelevant propagandists

In spectacular fashion (as exciting as politics in New Zealand gets anyway) Peter Dunne has resigned as a Minister of the Crown, and looks set to end his political career in disgrace.

With a few well-timed statements and insider info, Winston Peters could have in fact brought down the government... The reason being that if Dunne is found by the Police to have leaked confidential information he will be forced from parliament, which would mean National's already tenuous hold on power becomes even flimsier.

If the government cannot pass legislation, a call of no confidence would be successful, and a snap election that National will likely lose will be called.

The stakes are very high indeed and currently Peter Dunne is stuck high and dry for people to speculate about his motivations. The embattled MP has already admitted there's no credible excuse for not releasing all his email correspondence with the reporter who broke the story about the Kitteridge report, Andrea Vance. Despite that non-disclosure, what is clear is that the right wing propagandist’s couldn't have been more incorrect when they dismissed Peters’ proclamations out of hand.

At the time, it was clear to me that Peters wouldn’t have made such claims without being able to follow through. The fallout from making false claims of this nature could’ve been just as damaging to Peters' career as they have proven to be for Dunne.

However Peters gained knowledge of who the leaker was, the reaction by many right wing propagandists when he made that information public was clearly inappropriate. Obviously their defunct opinions were based on nothing more than speculation and hatred, which caused them to lose all objectivity.

Here's David Farrar venting his spleen:

This is a cowardly and defamatory smear. It is especially cowardly because Peters has a long record of suing people for defamation (and threatening numerous more that he will do so) yet he cowers under parliamentary privilege to defame Dunne.

The issue here isn't how the public was informed, or whether Peters ensured he was protected with parliamentary privilege, which exists for a very good reason. The issue is that Peters has been proven to be correct... Why else would Dunne resign? That makes Farrar entirely wrong, and he should apologize for his unacceptable comments.

Another propagandist who should apologize for his pathetic analysis is NBR reporter Jock Anderson, who wrote (pay-walled):

Mr Peters does not have the guts to repeat his allegation outside Parliament because he is afraid Mr Dunne might sue him for defamation.

This suggests Mr Peters knows his allegation is not true.

That's bad enough, but what about the reaction from the most deluded right wing propagandist of them all, Cameron Slater:

Of course it isn’t true…even yesterday in parliament he failed to produce any evidence, bizarrely suggesting that cellphone records would prove the leak of a document.

Get that, another statement of fact by the slug that has been proven entirely wrong. Why exactly Slater thinks cell phone records can't prove Dunne is the leaker shows just how deluded old blubber guts is. The paid propagandist also wrote:

Winston Peters is a cancer on the body politic. Good on Jock Anderson for calling out Winston Peters. 

Yeah! Good on Jock for putting his foot right in the proverbial and Farrar and Slater jumping in like the idiots they are.

These divisive individuals also put the boot into Peters about a Privileges Committee investigation concerning donations NZ First received from Owen Glen. What they fail to report is that Winston Peters was later cleared of any wrongdoing by the Serious Fraud Office. Any reference to historic events the propagandists have made to try and paint Peters in a bad light should be viewed for what it is, muckraking!

The fact that the right is desperately trying to discredit Winston Peters with their suppositions clearly shows where NZ First’s allegiance in forming any future government should be.

What this all shows is that the opinions of the tory propagandists are entirely worthless! They have no credibility and have proven time and time again their ineptitude at reading and reporting the facts.

The mainstream media should learn to ignore their spin doctoring. That’s if they want to be taken seriously, which is obviously not a goal for people like David Farar, Cameron Slater and Jock Anderson.