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6 Jun 2013

Don't donate to a bad cause

Those bigots over at the Centre for Political Research have done it again. This time it's a watered down version of their last hysterical pamphlet claiming the constitutional review was going to "give the tribal elite supreme power in New Zealand"... Yeah Right!

Preying on gullible people's fears, the pamphlet is entitled; New Zealand, are we about to be crippled...permanently? It basically asks for money because they don't like the Treaty of Waitangi being formally recognised in government legislation. In other words they want money to promote their racism.

The racist document (PDF) also states:

If we’re not careful, our nation could end up paying a very high price for National’s coalition deal with the Maori Party. New Zealand could end up forever divided along racial lines.

Newsflash! New Zealand is already divided along racial lines... That's why Maori and Pacific people are overrepresented in most negative statistics in New Zealand.

The best way to remedy this is to build a fairer society that doesn't discriminate. One way to help achieve that goal is to have a zero tolerance policy for the publication of racially divisive articles, such as the one the Centre for Political Research is trying to promote.