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30 Jun 2013

Matthew Hooton - Asshole of the Week

Today, the NBR reported:

Those most supportive of the Don Brash and ACT Party message of “one law for all” should be deeply grateful to Hone Harawira.

If the Northland firebrand had the slightest emotional intelligence and ability to think medium-term, he would now be set to become leader of a united Maori Party capable of winning all seven Maori electorates and something approaching 5% of the party vote.

Instead, his personal anger and belligerence, his childish emotional need to be a staunch bro’, and his extraordinary arrogance, so associated with the Harawia clan, meant he moved to split the Maori Party in 2011 and set up his own far-left Mana movement.

What a load of codswallop! The idiot Hooten is completely ignoring the fact that the Maori party suspended Hone Harawira and then the party's disciplinary committee recommended his expulsion, at which point Harawira left. Even a cursory glance at the Wikipedia article on Harawira confirms that Hooten is talking out his ass!

The right wing propagandist clearly hasn't let the facts of history get in the way of his ranting, which points towards a biased and perhaps racist opinionator. If Hooten is willing to make up a bunch of bullshit to try and besmirch Harawira's credibility, one has to question his motivations, and in this case it's likely not just political. Unfortunately Hooten's despicable diatribe gets even worse.

His complaint was that the other Maori Party MPs weren’t radical enough for him and were prepared to accept crumbs from John Key’s table as opposed to the … well, it is never quite clear what he would try to deliver to his people were he ever to have the chance.

The reason the split between the Maori party and Harawira occurred was because they couldn't reconcile their differences. Firstly the Maori party have supported a government that has done nothing to help Maori, and have instead moved to further disenfranchise an already marginalized people. Poverty and unemployment have increased dramatically, and disproportionately affected Maori.

If the Maori party consider giving Maori a fair deal ‘radical’, then Harawira is best rid of them. I mean how can feeding children and building houses be considered radical? Harawira will undoubtedly achieve far more without the constraints of a party that simply isn't representing their constituents, but try telling the ignoramus Hooten that.

In truth, he knows he will never have the chance to achieve anything and likes it that way.  It allows infinite bluster and zero accountability and he assumes his constituents are so stupid they don’t know the difference.

In truth? Hooten wouldn't know the truth if it bit him on the ass!

Claiming that Harawira hasn't achieved anything just highlights Hooten's bigotry. Let's take the Mana party's most recent achievement, which is in my opinion significant. After Harawira gained coverage and widespread support for his food in schools policy, the National party moved to introduce their own watered down version of the food in schools program.

Without Hone Harawira making the initial move to highlight a serious problem, nothing would have changed. Although the government's measures are clearly not progressive enough, it's an achievement none the less that Hooten should damn well be aware of... Fucking moron!

Had Mr Harawira not split the Maori Party in 2011, it is almost certain it would have won last night’s Ikaroa-Rawhiti by-election.  It would most probably have held on to Te Tai Tonga in 2011 so that it would now hold six of the seven Maori electorates and have much greater leverage over Mr Key and Labour.

The people who voted Mana would more likely have voted for the Greens instead of a Maori party aligned with National's agenda. One would have to discount all those voting for Mana not caring that the Maori party have promoted right wing policies that have further degraded their standard of living.

Instead, Mr Harawira and his motely crew of far-leftists are celebrating coming second to Labour last night in an electorate the Maori Party came within a whisker of winning as recently as 2008 – before Mr Harawira took his destructive path.

Chalk another one up to Hooten's complete failure as a political commentator...this guy really needs a serious reality check.

Why on earth shouldn't the Mana party, who clearly aren't radicals, celebrate increasing their support in Ikaroa-Rawhiti by almost 19 percent since the last general election? With such a low turnout, this is clearly an achievement worth celebrating.

It is all rather pathetic.  Most likely, Labour will win six of the Maori seats by 2014 or 2017 at the latest, with Mr Harawira hanging on alone in his Northland redoubt.

If Mana campaign strongly at the next election they're likely to pick up Te Ururoa Favell's seat in Waiariki. Labour came a distant third in that electorate, which means their winning six of the Maori seats is not assured. Saying otherwise this far out from a general election is simply deluded!

Like his mother – jailed in 1989 for violent crimes against mental health patients in her care – Mr Harawira will have a legacy of bullsh-t and bluster but no real achievements for himself or advancement for his people.  The dumbest bro’s will think he’s cool though.

That folks is why Matthew Hooten wins this week's Asshole Award.