An unfortunate photo op | The Jackal

3 Jun 2012

An unfortunate photo op

On Thursday, the Blaze reported:

President Obama on Thursday twisted the knife he‘d stuck in his predecessor’s legacy, reminding former President George W. Bush that he left the economy a mess and al Qaeda mastermind Osama bin Laden alive when he left the White House three years ago.

“The months before I took the oath of office were a chaotic time,” Obama told a crowd of mostly former Bush administration officials and members of the Bush family, including Bush’s parents, former President George H.W. Bush and former first lady Barbara Bush.[...]

“We knew our economy was in trouble, our fellow Americans were in pain, but we wouldn’t know until later just how breathtaking the financial crisis had been,” Obama continued, raising some eyebrows among the Bush crowd seated just a few feet away.

Obama stopped short of blaming Bush for the recession, something he has done repeatedly on the campaign trail.

51% of Americans still blame George W. Bush for the United States' financial mess that continues to impact worldwide economies. The Bush administration was a complete distaster with out-of-control spending and tax-cuts for the wealthy that brought the once great country to its knees.

Obama was justified in making his statements, which in my opinion were considerably restrained. George W. Bush is a war criminal after all, and associating with such scum will not win Obama any new friends.