Delusional | The Jackal

2 Jun 2012


Today, the Dominion Post reported:

The Greater Wellington Secondary School Principals' Association has rejected claims it gave Education Minister Hekia Parata a standing ovation, saying its custom is to stand when a Crown minister enters and leaves the room.
A press secretary for Ms Parata said on Thursday the minister had been given a standing ovation after she gave a speech to the association in Wellington's Thorndon.
Reporters, who had been trailing Ms Parata after she was heckled by protesters at a speech earlier that morning, were not able to verify the account because the minister said they could not cover the speech as it was a private event.

There's no way in hell that the Secondary School Principals' Association would give Hekia Parata a standing ovation. They think she's failed to do her homework after all.

Let's hear from somebody that attended who isn't deluded:

The Greater Wellington Secondary School Principals Association chairwoman and principal of St Mary's College, Mary Cook, said members of her organisation stood and "clapped lightly" for Ms Parata after she thanked her for the speech.
"If it had been a standing ovation there would have been lots of cheering and very loud hand clapping, I can assure you. People stood out of respect for her position."
Mrs Cook said she was unaware of the custom of other associations but her organisation had always done so.
"We've had lots of ministers since I've been principal of St Mary's and everyone of them, no matter what we thought of them privately or collectively, has been welcomed and farewelled in the same way."
Members were very upset about the changes. "None of us are supportive of them."

This might seem like a small thing but it's actually a real concern. These people are meant to be running the country and such delusions of grandeur are indicative of the dysfunction that is rife throughout National party ranks. They are divorced from reality.

Mind you, considering the "credentials" of the press secretaries boss, I guess we should be happy they're not completely brain dead.