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26 Jun 2012

Guy Hallwright - Asshole of the Week

Today, Stuff reported:

Prominent investment banker Guy Hallwright is on trial before a jury at Auckland District Court charged with causing grievous bodily harm to Song-jin Kim in September 2010. He has pleaded not guilty.

Hallwright's daughter Isabel Hallwright, 18, was today called as a Crown witness and told the court she did not realise her father had hit Kim, 58.

"My father drove forward and after what seemed a pretty long time there was a small bump while we were driving," she said.

She told the court that at the time she didn't believe they had hit Kim.

But Crown prosecutor Ross Burns put to her the police statement she made at the time, in which she said she knew they had hit Kim.

"Dad kept driving away... I yelled at him to stop because the guy was obviously hurt," her statement said.

She broke down in court and proceedings were adjourned.

Yesterday Kim, who suffered broken legs and a shattered ankle, told the court that after an alleged road rage incident Guy Hallwright had come to his car and banged the door.

"I started to swear at him in Korean, I opened the car door to get out," Kim said.

He said he moved back to Hallwright's car but began to fall, demonstrating to the court how he splayed out with his hands across the bonnet of Hallwright's car.

"At that time it wasn't moving, but as I tried to get up, holding something, tried to stand up, and then he just drove off."

Hallwright, represented by Paul Davison QC, fought a long battle for name suppression, going unsuccessfully to the High Court.

So Guy Hallwright hasn't been found guilty yet of reckless disregard for the safety of another, causing grievous bodily harm... but there's no doubt that he has acted like an asshole by not stopping at the scene of an accident, which it is likely he caused. I wonder if he skedaddled because he was drunk?