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16 Jun 2012

Gareth Morgan - Asshole of the Week

Today, One News reported:

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Gareth Morgan has taken a swipe at the Green Party and some conservationists.

He says that the majority of New Zealanders see them as "lefties", "extremists" or "nutters," which in the long run is holding back their cause of protecting the environment.

Now hold on a sec, most New Zealander's care a lot about the environment and want to see it protected. There are even some right-wingers who actually believe nature is important, so I very much doubt that a majority of Kiwi's don't recognize the cause, let alone pour scorn on the policies of the Green party.

What other whacky ideas does this economist have?

"We still have a Green Party that refuses to go into coalition with National. What the hell is that about? Is this a party concerned with conservation? Or is it a far-left group using conservation as a Trojan horse for another agenda?"

Morgan has obviously forgotten recent history, being that the Green party were the ones who extended the olive branch to not rule out a coalition with National at the last election. This would of course require a very large proviso, which National is not willing to make.

It's therefore National ruling out a coalition with the Greens, because they're determined to pursue an environmentally and socially destructive agenda that places short term monetary gain over long term environmental costs.

At Forest and Bird's conference, Face up to the Future, Morgan also took aim at some conservationist groups he calls the "green extreme" or "loony left".

In particular, he says that their opposition to mining and fracking is not evidence-based, and fails to consider employment and the economy.

"If you're pro-conservation the problem here is you're increasingly being regarded as anti-economic growth. That is not a constructive position to take. It needlessly alienates huge numbers of people," Morgan said.

Most people who are opposed to mining and fracking have based their decision on the evidence. In many cases the environmental damage that can be caused by such practices is unequivocally scientifically proven.

There is of course a large distinction between many industries, but the fact that Morgan is not aware of what the research shows, while spouting brainless right-wing and industry driven rhetoric, makes him look like a complete fool!

He's also contradicting himself. Here's what Gareth Morgan wrote earlier this month:

Whether its species protection, carbon emissions, freshwater, or fisheries - New Zealand's mouth is bigger than its bite it seems. That's a serious indictment given we use clean, green and "NZ Pure" all as branding banners internationally, where we punch above our weight in terms of sounding off about the environmental values we hold dear.

The reality needs to catch up with the sloganeering. Having said that, there are plentiful efforts being made across the country by many - towalk the talk of conservation. And the Department of Conservation of course is the government's main vehicle for effecting conservation and its achievements countfor a lot.

But the problem lies with the claims of politicians mouthing on that we're committed to this or to that, when the reality is the politicians do not ensure these declarations have substance. On that count then we are a failure, and the political salesmen an embarrassment - and this is the WWF charge.

In one instance Morgan is criticizing the propaganda and politicians that say NZ is 100% pure, and then he criticizes the many thousands of New Zealander's who are working to protect the environment and who undoubtedly want the reality to catch up with the sloganeering.

The main thing Morgan fails to recognise is that it's not mutually exclusive to be pro-economic growth as well as an environmentalist. In fact having a healthy environment is paramount to a functioning economy, and having an unhealthy environment will undoubtedly cause an economy to fail.

The environment should not be collateral damage to try and repair the economy, which has been ruined by the greedy and ideologically blinded... and anybody who thinks otherwise is an asshole through and through.