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25 Jun 2012

David Carter tortures chickens

Today, One News reported:

A group of 14 activists blocked off the road to the Mainland Poultry farm in Waikouaiti at around 3am, setting up scaffold towers and hanging protest banners.

Workers arriving at the plant were forced to turn away. ONE News reporter Megan Martin said staff have stopped turning up.

"The bosses must have got hold of them and said there's no point in coming to work today," she said.

"The farm can't operate, there's only one access road into Mainland Poultry and at the moment the protesters have completely blocked that off."

Police are at the scene, but have taken no action so far. Protesters have indicated they plan to stay for as long as possible and will have to be physically removed before they end their action.

Coalition to End Factory Farming spokesperson Carl Scott alleged the company is keeping its hens in cages in a cruel and inhumane way.

"An undercover investigation of Mainland Poultry's new colony cage system by Open Rescue in March revealed that hens are still suffering inside cages," he claimed.

A claim based in reality...

Hen from Mainland Poultry farm


Send an e-card to the Minister David Carter, asking him to oppose all cage systems for layer hens. Invite your friends and family to do the same in support.

Support SAFE’s campaign by getting involved, and making a donation

Above all, don’t fund factory farming, don’t buy cage eggs.