Bill English is Dumb! | The Jackal

7 Jul 2011

Bill English is Dumb!

Russell Norman wasn't pulling any punches yesterday in Parliament, attacking National on their negative housing policies and opposition to helping Kiwi’s into home ownership.

Bill English admitted to his poor memory and the fact that the National Party still believes in trickle down economics.

What trickle down ideology really means is that National is pissing all over the rest of us in a blatant disregard for the welfare of New Zealanders.

Despite what the Minister of Finance and Infrastructure believes, the Greens found their financial policies on facts. They do not curtail to a failed ethos that there needs to be an upper-class that owns everything and gains its wealth from the hard work of an underclass.

Owning your own home is the Kiwi dream. Through policies that are promoted by the National party, and unregulated property speculation, that dream has turned into a nightmare. With less and less home ownership, New Zealander’s are becoming tenants in our own country.

There’s a veritable plethora of negative statistics that are associated with a homeless underclass. Still National seems happy that these dynamics continue to disadvantage and become even more prevalent in what is quickly becoming a failed society.

It’s courageous of Labour and the Greens to propose a capital gains tax that will ensure houses will become more affordable for all New Zealanders. There are tax breaks that ensure investors will not lose money, which gives National’s argument little relevance.

Without some sort of remedial measure, New Zealand will continue to degrade. Encouraging home ownership will enable our communities to become less dysfunctional and more productive. Only a wally would think otherwise.