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18 Jul 2011

Pimp Your Country

John Key will spend the next few days talking free trade with American companies and Barack Obama. While the mainstream media paints a rosy picture concerning a free trade agreement with the United States through the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), the truth of the matter is not being reported at all.

As a country, we have little to gain from talks with the US, just ask New Zealand's chief trade negotiator Mark Sinclair who privately told a visiting US State Department official that New Zealand had little to gain from a free-trade agreement.

What a free trade deal with the US means for New Zealand is greater control by their corporations to instigate legal procedures against New Zealand, even against the Government when a decision is made that costs a corporate entity. What's worse is that many of the deals will done secretly.  It’s basically a corporatisation of Governmental decision making, which is undemocratic.

The overseas trip comes after a secret campaign was undertaken by American Pharmaceutical industries and the US Government in conjunction with National to undermine Pharmac. Ultimately the plan is to weaken control over medications and increase costs through less subsidisation.

It's a failed system that has caused many medications to be unaffordable by the American poor. No doubt John Key will find a way to spin such information, but like low wages, it's a negative dynamic that does nothing to help the already struggling.

John Key will meet with Warner Brothers for a royal right wing wank fest over their success at weakening workers rights. They will no doubt discus further ways to increase corporate welfare, which seems to be the only welfare John Key understands. Perhaps the discussion will move to undermining unions, which is of course an important duty of a Prime Minister.

A free trade deal with the US will lead to many more Governmental decisions not being based on what the majority of New Zealander's want. In terms of environmental considerations, it's a most concerning and unconstitutional endeavour. The National Government has already shown their disregard for consultation over oil drilling plans on the East Coast, now they plan to ensure the cost of any bungled agreements is met by the taxpayer.

John Key wants further deregulation so that middlemen can make even more profit from the hard work of slaves in places like India and China. He wants to deregulate Americas control of certain tradable goods and is willing to trade some legal protection New Zealander's currently enjoy for that deregulation.

Don’t be fooled, a free trade deal will not equate to cheaper merchandise. It will equate to more expensive and badly constructed goods that are designed to fail. There will also be less restrictions imposed on the materials used in manufacturing, the process of that manufacturing and the environmental consequences, something that can no longer be ignored.

It’s unfortunate that planned obsolescence has been so successfully incorporated into our lives, and that we’re slow to realise the true cost and effect of a throw away society. That is what John Key is promoting, a further entrenchment of the destructive status quo.

Ultimately John Key's a bean counter and does not believe in climate change. He will promote the failed system because he cannot envisage an alternative.

The problem with the plan National is promoting is that it’s not sustainable. Poor countries that have little protection for their citizens are being used, just as that abuse is undermining the protection in developed countries. It’s not something that we in all good conscience should accept in this day and age. Free trade is an outdated and destructive meme that has had its day, and it has been found lacking.

Make no mistake, John Key is not undertaking this on the behalf of New Zealand, he’s working for the proponents of the NWO who are currently making billions of dollars from the turmoil in the Middle East and the debt crisis in Europe.

The destructive system that John Key promotes has been executed to achieve world domination through turmoil. Much of this is achieved with mass surveillance and brain washing. What the NWO does not understand is that they'll never control a world through untold misery and destruction, they will only destroy it.

But it’s not just other countries that Free Trade has been so effective at repressing. New Zealand’s media has long been infiltrated by an American theme of brainless trivialities designed to make people stupid! Judging by how many people voted National at the last election, it's been relatively effective.

Intelligent and intellectual people pose the greatest threat to their regime, and therefore National has mounted an attack on many proponents of free speech and education. I suggest that you do not accept their kinder gentler form of fascism, because it will ultimately end badly, and not just for New Zealand.