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14 Jul 2011

Lockwood Smith - Asshole of the Week Award

Lockwood Smith didn't allow Hone Harawira to swear his oath of allegiance to the crown in Parliament today. Instead the Leader of te Mana party had to make his valedictory speech outside in front of the house of representatives. Lockwood was unhappy that Hone wanted to swear his allegiance to the crown in Maori.

Unless I'm mistaken, Lockwood Smith does not speak te Reo, so he had no call to admonish Hone Harawira in such a disrespectful manner and insist that he leave the house.

Lockwood had no idea if Hone was making the correct allegiance, as he did not employ the use of a translator. There is usually scope given for a declarative statement before swearing the oath, making Lockwood's action questionable. Perhaps it was designed to take the focus off Labours CGT announcement. In my opinion there's no excuse for such unacceptable conduct.

Even after Labour's MP Trevor Mallard attempted to get leave for Mr Harawira to return and read the affirmation, other racist National MP's objected. The sheer arrogance of Lockwood Smith and disrespect shown by other members of parliament is unbelievably disgraceful!

I think Lockwood meant tendency not tenancy. Another sign that he has had his frontal lobes removed. Speaking of stupidity, Lockwood Smith also tried to stop a Waiata from being sung. Supporters of Mr Harawira sang from the public galleries after the leader of te Mana was removed.

Waiata or songs and chants are an important part of Māori culture. The words and expressions preserve the wisdom and knowledge of ancestors. Waiata are often performed at the end of whaikōrero (speeches) to support what has been said. They can also be sung to remove tapu.

For a the speaker of the house to insist that one language takes precedence over another is totally unacceptable. He had no right to order a duly elected member of parliament out of the house of representatives for speaking an official language of New Zealand. The speaker later told Parliament he felt bad for interrupting the supporters’ waiata, but stood by his actions.
“Abuse of the law of this country cannot be celebrated. We must all remember we as members are not above the law,” he said.
Last week was Maori language week, with many people engaging in speaking te Reo. It is a beautiful language and one we can be proud of. There is no provision in law that requires the speaking of English over the Maori language when swearing allegiance to the crown. If that were the case, it would absolve allegiance by many chiefs who have done just that.

I'm disgusted at the blatant racism shown by Lockwood Smith and formally request that the Speaker of the House resign immediately. He is clearly deserving, and is therefore duly awarded this weeks asshole award.