John Key Walks Out | The Jackal

7 Jul 2011

John Key Walks Out

After John Key’s grandstanding and before he walked out of Parliament yesterday without a prior arrangement, the Prime Minster was given a few good slaps in the face by the Leader of the opposition Phil Goff concerning asset sales.

John Key’s answers were pathetic at best, being completely discredited by all the relevant data as well as previous experience, which shows privatisation has been a complete disaster for New Zealand.

John Key’s argument that Labour sold assets is naïve. The last Labour Government did not sell any assets, making John Key look like an uninformed clown clutching at straws. Phil Goff on the other hand was a statesman in comparison, understated in his rebuttal.

National has clearly not learned that asset sales do not increase New Zealander’s investment capital. Privatisation (if I’m allowed to use that word) doesn't help the public on who's opinion a good Government should formulate all its policies. According to recent survey's, around two thirds of Kiwi's don't want asset sales.

While John Key fails to answer any of Phil Goff’s pertinent questions properly, he pins the entire re-election of National on asset sales that have been proven to be a complete failure for New Zealand in the past. However he fails to comprehend that the election of a party is not a mandate for one of its policies.

National are betting on the fact that most Governments in New Zealand are not single term. They also completely ignore the fact that Labour was voted out in 1990 precisely because of infiltrators gutting New Zealand with asset sales.

The true argument for National’s asset sales is that the wealthy can ride a wave of foreign interest that will inevitably decrease mum and dad investor’s percentage of shareholding. The end result will be higher costs for the public and less New Zealand ownership in our key strategic assets.

It’s another con so that the already wealthy can make more money without working for it. In this way National is pandering to the 5% of elitists who do not have enough morals to put their funds into sustainable investments. It's a clear cut case of capitalist greed intent on gaining more wealth at any cost.