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16 Jul 2011

Worse Off Under National

Wasn’t Citizen A amusing last night. Cameron Slater squirming when put on the rack concerning his infamous gut shot comments re Arie Smith-Voorkamp was priceless. But then the ignoramus AKA Whaleoil made a most interesting revelation, which seems strange in context to his normal campaign of disinformation.
“Are you any better off after three years under National than you were under Labour,” he said @ 27 Min.
Well blow me down with a feather… old Cameron Slater saying Labour would win the next general election if they asked the most simple of questions, are New Zealander's better or worse off since National took over?

Personally, there’s only one answer. I can categorically say that things are worse for me under National. My business is no longer profitable because of high overheads, and my day-to-day living costs have increased markedly.

One cannot base an answer on personal experience alone, so let us analyze some statistical information. Unemployment has risen dramatically since 2008:

National has ensured that the recession continues longer than it needed to:
These statistics show that the right wing has failed New Zealand and most Kiwi's are worse off because of National's prehistoric policies. But don't let this blog convince you of that... Just ask yourself the question, are things better or worse since National gained control, and then vote accordingly.