Time for Some Dance Lessons | The Jackal

16 Jul 2011

Time for Some Dance Lessons

A while ago, I decided to get some dance lessons. Don’t get me wrong; I can dance already, being a veritable master at the Twist and Funky Chicken.

However it’s tap dancing that has always interested me, so I finally paid for some lessons, which are going superbly! There’s still a few months to practice before the big night, and some spaces left in the dance class, so feel free to get your dancing shoes on as well.

I’m preparing to dance on the grave of the Act party. Don’t be offended though, it’s a metaphorical grave, and one dug entirely by Don Brash & Co. They’ve been digging their own political graves for some time now, and we're almost at the stage of closing the casket and bidding farewell forever to the likes of:

1. Don Brash for lying about meetings he, Steven Joyce and John Key had with the Exclusive Brethren prior to their despicable pamphlet campaign.
2. David Garrett for stealing a dead babies identity to get a false passport.
3. Rodney Hide for corrupt abuse of office.
4. John Ansell and his racist comments.
5. John Boscowan for foaming at the mouth.
6. Roger Douglas for animal abuse and selling out New Zealand.
7. Cathy Odgers for hate speech.
8. Cameron Brown for telling a woman to get raped.
I hope that’s enough to keep the zombies from escaping. I’m picking there aren’t all that many New Zealander’s that will support a sexist, racist, bigoted, hypocritical and disingenuous party.

If even one of the Act zombies escaped, we could have another infectious epidemic of brain dead policies on our hands, and nobody wants to see that horrendous spectacle again, not even Christine Rankin.