Steps to a Greener Future | The Jackal

30 Mar 2011

Steps to a Greener Future

1. Subsidize development and deployment of clean technologies.

2. Instruct manufacturers to start producing recyclable, clean tech and lower usage devices.

3. Shut down all old nuclear reactors or those situated on coasts or on fault lines immediately. Instigate less energy usage.

4. Undertake a worldwide investigation into renewable energy sources and suitable areas for deployment. Invest heavily into geothermal, wind and solar and implement huge development and construction of such technology.

5. Reach an agreement with countries to provide manufacturing resources and construct in centralized locations. Deploy into locations that utilised old nuclear energy.

6. Disencentivise the nuclear, coal, oil and gas industries. Undertake proper court action for the damage that has occurred. Utilise that money for further development of clean tech developments.

7. Incentivise localised production so that less transportation is required.

8. When clean tech is online, shut down and decommission all existing nuclear, coal and gas power plants.

9. Subsidize clean technologies for increased uptake by the public.

10. Shut down all existing coal oil and gas industries. Replace with organizations that have safety as their priority.

11. Remove all existing dangerous infrastructure and replace with small well-researched safe infrastructure. Recycle the materials.

12. Build remedial infrastructure to respond to the consequences of climate change.