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8 Mar 2011

David Farrar - Asshole of the Week Award

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Recently Parliament had its second reading of Nationals Foreshore and Seabed bill MK2, which has been highly controversial. Now Independent MP Hone Harawira strongly opposed the bill and the toll of trying to uphold the mandate given to him by his people is one he is undertaking with dignity.

That is why it is sad to see the ghouls pull their knives out because Mr Harawira did not vote on the bill itself. Head Troll David Peter Farrar had this to say:

"Hone is finding out the hard way there is more to being an MP than just mouthing off. Sometimes you need to actually do shit such as vote."

What ensues of course in the comments is a raft of racist derogatory claptrap, which we’ve all come to expect from the sewer AKA Kiwiblog.

The fact of the matter is it wouldn’t have made a difference if Hone had voted, as the Bill would have passed anyway.

Therefore the DF is our winner of the prestigious Asshole of the week award. Yipee! I would present the award directly, but I am permanently banned from setting foot in the sewer... I can’t say I mind.