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11 Mar 2011

Cameron Slater - Asshole of the Week Award

Now we all know Whaleoil is a bit of a twat at the best of times, but once in a while he really outdoes himself. The last moronic outbursts are to do with looters in Christchurch. After getting on his high horse to say:

"They are uncouth, they are scum who should be gut-shot and left to die. They have no respect they are opportunists and did I mention scum. I think the Police need a SOS policy Shoot on Sight for looter and thieves."
and... "They have prob­a­bly been remanded in cus­tody to pro­tect them from being tarred and feath­ered then stoned to death. Instead of cus­tody couldn’t some stocks be made from some recy­cled tim­ber that is lying around all over the place."

"These scum should be hung, drawn and quar­tered"... etc.
Whaleoil AKA Cameron Slater has this to say about Phil Goff:

"He not only suggested that looter be court-martialed and shot but also that perhaps some could be “shackled to shovels” and put to work. That is quite different from suggesting as he claims that they “should be part of the effort to clean up and help others as a form of restorative justice.”
The statements are equally wrong to right thinking people. The similarities in their sentiments are uncanny. Oil lard then follows up with:

"Of course I have also copped a flogging for suggesting that looters be gut-shot, but the reality is the case of Arie Smith-Vorkamp hardly constitutes looting and certainly wouldn’t have passed my threshold of tolerance" 
Well Arie certainly registered on somebody’s intolerance meter didn’t he fatso... But now that we know he suffers from autism, you suddenly change your tune. Dickhead! Thank god you're not a judge.

So for incitement of hate and hypocrisy, this week’s special bonus Asshole of the Week Award goes to, wait for it... Cameron Slater. Hurrah!