The Destructive System | The Jackal

5 Mar 2011

The Destructive System

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I’m often astounded at the share idiocy of bureaucracy sometimes. Many departments of the Government are most unhelpful and abusive in their correspondence and phone manner. They have the ability of ignoring many of the facts that are presented to them and in many instances, lie blatantly about that evidence.

What kind of country selectively decides to try and ruin certain people’s lives? Is there a list of names so that various departments know who to fuck with? How do you get onto that list and who can I write to, to find out if I’m on it? The way in which some Governmental departments undertake their public duties is dumbfounding!

I believe many of the negative skills that are displayed are taught. You cannot have such wide spread dysfunction throughout the system that consistently shits all over the little guy, without some education into repressive tactics going on, can you? These are meant to be professionals after all. What gives them the right to lie and undertake deceitful acts just to try and ruin a person’s life? Surely it’s not to save the taxpayer a few bucks. Just because they’re in a place of power, does not give them the right to act like fascists!

I wonder what kind of financial bonus they get for their lies? It would seem to me that people with this lying ability, often hold the most powerful positions of office. Shonkey’s BMW’s a prime example. Surely our leaders should retain some moralistic integrity. How is such despicable behavior going to help the economy grow? Is such a dysfunctionally run country where we want to live? What the hell is wrong with them?

You will find that these tactics are subtly built into many of their policies and practices. I would surmise that they have extensive training in subjugation and general arseholism. I cannot believe that ordinary New Zealanders would act this way without re-programming to do so.

While dealing with various Government departments, (you know who you are) the numerous tactics that will be employed include but are not limited to: extensive delays in responding, sending the wrong forms, denial of receiving correspondence, none disclosure, passing the buck, not their department, false accusations, unqualified to comment, ignoring your requests, ignoring the evidence, using only parts of the legislation, not informing of changes, not answering the phone, distance to meetings and ridicule (sometimes public) to put you off from pursuing your apparent “rights” under our current legislation.

Recently I have made complaints about the process and would like to warn others about this course of action. You will find that you’ll be blacklisted and the discrimination will become worse. Once the label of troublemaker is there, it is nigh impossible to remove. If you find yourself in this position, embrace it. There are many more like you and the tide will soon turn. I would also advise that you learn as much about the process (know your rights) before undergoing a claim or formal complaint and get a lawyer involved early. Be ready for a long and drawn out battle without any guarantee of your entitlements or rights being upheld at the end of it. You will be viewed as fraudulent from the outset even if you have factual evidence to prove otherwise. My warning includes all Governmental departments and their related entities.