Earthquake vs Rugby | The Jackal

9 Mar 2011

Earthquake vs Rugby

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So we all love rugby in this country. It’s our national sport and has been the backbone of our communities for a very long time. People like Bunce, Zinzan and Fitzpatrick are institutions, and rightly so if you ask me. These guys are dudes. I’m a seriously avid rugby supporter and like nothing better than having a cold beer and watching the AB’s or International Seven's weave their magic.

But something has happened that dwarfs sports in this country. The Christchurch Earthquake of 22 March 2011 was such a major disaster that we as a country are going to be feeling the impact for a long time to come. The humanitarian effort, which is funded by many peoples donations requires a sustained approach and is our number one priority.

We must give those effected a fighting chance to rebuild their lives. That’s what the kiwi spirit is all about… giving those in need a helping hand. Therefore I’m going to donate the money I would have spent on rugby tickets this year to the Christchurch Earthquake appeal. Some things are just bigger than sport.